Improve Productivity

Through the use of mobile applications, current work processes are simplified by being able to know the status of the tasks, geolocate activity and centrally manage the company’s resources.

Remote Resource Management (fleets and staff)

Control of a company’s resources is key to achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency. Thanks to the current technology of mobile devices, monitoring the position and real-time status of a company’s personnel or fleet of vehicles is possible and advisable.

System Integration

Most companies already have a management information system adapted to their needs. For this reason, any new technological project will be integrated with the company’s system, conceiving the mobile solution as part of a whole.

Computer Vision

The continuous improvement of the process capacity and the quality of the cameras of the mobile devices, allows us to apply precise algorithms of computer vision in the mobile applications. This provides new functionalities such as scanning texts, reading barcodes or detecting shapes and patterns to facilitate work processes that are usually extremely tedious.

Applied technologies

Success case: Gas Natural

Gas natural Yo Leo Gas aplicación para empresa

  • Capture of the value of the Gas meter using the camera of the mobile phone
  • Integration with the company's billing system by automating the entry of meter data
  • Cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure platform

Gas natural Yo Leo Gas aplicación para empresa

Success case: BMW Barcelona Premium

BMW Aplicación móvil para empresas


  • BMW stores network locator
  • New channel for request appointments for maintenance review
  • Loyalty and brand recognition tool

BMW Aplicación móvil para empresas

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