Using the camera and microphone of the mobile phone, the students can learn remotely and participate together in the classroom. An excellent solution in times of Covid-19.

Graphical follow up

By using mobile applications, you can graphically represent the educational monitoring of students and their progress through the scholastic plan.


Currently, any mobile phone in the market is capable of running interactive games that can make learning more dynamic and enjoyable.


By sending push notifications (messages to the mobile phone), students can be alerted on new learning content or changes in school schedules.

Success story: Kids&Us – App MyLocker

  • Dynamization of English learning with multimedia material
  • Download and off-line playback of learning videos and audios
  • Customized games according to the student's level, course and center
Gas natural Yo Leo Gas aplicación para empresa

Success story: Grupo Hedima – App Virtagora

  • Management of company employee training
  • Agenda, topics and news related to the training
  • Training content consultation

Success story: Tekman Education – App Emat




  • Interactive game for math training of school children
  • Fun and entertaining dynamics to enjoy while learning
  • Graphics with results obtained in each game to encourage children to improve

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