Real-time Charts

Through the use of mobile applications it is possible to graphically represent real-time information related to the business, such as the productivity of a wind turbine.

Alert notification

By sending push notifications (messages to the mobile phone), operators and technicians can be alerted to an anomalous situation that requires immediate attention.

Recognition of text in images (OCR)

Nowadays, any mobile phone on the market has an excellent camera quality, which allows Doonamis to apply advanced computer vision techniques for scanning documents (ID cards, invoices, contracts, etc.) and texts on physical devices (barcodes, QR codes, gas meters, etc.).

Integration with the client plaftorm

Since companies usually have a management information system, Doonamis integrates its mobile applications with the company’s system, conceiving the mobile solution as part of a whole.

Success case: Gas Natural

Gas natural Yo Leo Gas aplicación para empresa


  • Taking of the reading of the Gas meter usign the camera of the mobile phone
  • Integration with Natural Gas billing system
  • Platform deployed on Microsoft Azure
Gas natural Yo Leo Gas aplicación para empresa

Success case: GASCO Abu Dhabi


  • Visualization of KPIs of gas production
  • Graphical charts for fast and accurate decision making
  • Private application available only for the company's vice-presidency

Success case: Audax Energía


  • Internal tool for the commercial staff of Audax Energy
  • Generation of offers and contracts on-site in front of the client
  • Integration with Audax Energy CRM

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