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Through mobile application current work processes can be simplified by being able to know task states, computing data, geolocalizing action and managing in a centralized way the company resources.

Remote Resource Management (fleet and human resources)

Resource control in a company is key for better efficiency and efficacy. Thanks to current mobile devices technology, controlling the position and status of your fleet and your people in real time is possible and effective.

Systems Integration

Most companies already own a management information system adapted to their necessities. For that reason, any new technological project must be integrated with the company system thus conceiving the mobile solution as a piece of the whole system.

Computer Vision

The continuous improvements in processing and quality of current mobile devices cameras, allows us to apply precise computer vision algorithms in our mobile applications. With these, new features are made available such as scanning text with optical character recognition (OCR), reading barcodes or detecting shapes and patterns, all of which can simplify work processes that are usually tedious.

Key Technical Details

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Native mobile application development using XCode (Swift & Objective-C)

Off-line mode

Mobile device connectivity control to work in off-line mode and syncronization when coverage is recovered.


Native mobile application development using Android Studio (Java Engine)


Device geolocalization to contextualise user data and actions, and filter application contents.

Push Notifications

Messaging communications with mobile applications through Push Notifications

Real Time

Using an active data connection, all data is syncronized in real time to improve decision making

Case Study: Gas Natural

Gas Natural Yo Leo Gas aplicaciones móviles para empresas

  • Capture the value of a Gas meter through the device camera
  • Integration with the customer information system automating the introduction of meter data
  • System in cloud mode running on top of Microsoft's Azure plaform

Case Study: BMW Barcelona Premium


  • Finder of workshops and car dealers on the BMW network
  • New channel to request appointments for car maintenance
  • Fidelization, acquisition and marketing tool

Case Study: Parkare Group

Logo Parkare Group desarrollo aplicaciones móviles para empresas

  • Internal tool for maintenance workers
  • Task retrieval, querying and management with data input and final customer signing
  • Integration with the customer system (V-Tiger)

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