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After the precedence of Teleictus, Doonamis decides to bet on technological innovation in the field of medicine and develops the new application called Endo.

Endo is the new application developed by Doonamis for Nordic Pharma that allows surgeons to attend surgical interventions through videoconference in order to be able to communicate with operating room physicians. In this way it is possible to improve the immediacy and effectiveness of the communicative processes that may arise among professionals.

Now the interventions can be supervised or followed by other surgeons without the need to be present during the operation, since they can follow it from the screens of their mobile phones and send messages or speak through the microphone when appropriate.

This allows the remote incorporation of these specialists when a need arises or there is some complication.


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In addition, all medical officials linked to the intervention will be able to know all the previous details of it in a complete description that can be elaborated by the same doctors. It will also offer the possibility to indicate the day, time and place of the intervention.

However, Endo not only allows programming interventions, it’s also designed to be able to broadcast other events such as relevant conferences or medical meetings for those who can’t stay there. The application will allow the attendees of the event to pass the testimony of the word and the image between them with just a button.

The new application of Nordic Pharma has already been approved and incorporated in important spanish hospitals.


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