Doonamis is the leading company in the development of high-quality mobile applications for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android platforms. With more than 10 years of experience, we have created an agile and precise app development process to get the best results.

We develop excellent native and hybrid apps with the best development tools. Doonamis belongs to the official Apple Developer program and the Google Android Developers program.

We have important clients and success stories for different types of companies (start-up, SMEs, large corporations…) and sectors (business management, health, sports, education…). 


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What Apps do we develop?

We specialize in the development of native and hybrid (multiplatform) Apps.

Native Apps

Mobile applications separately created for each operating system separately: iOS and Android. Native apps are those that offer the best user experience and quality, as they are custom developed for each platform.

  • Native applications for iOS are created with the Xcode development environment and the Swift programming language, and are adapted to iPhone mobiles and iPad tablets.
  • Native Android applications are created with the Android Studio development environment and the Java / Kotlin programming language and are adapted to mobiles and tablets. 

Hybrid Apps

Multi-platform mobile applications can be used in both operating systems without a differentiated development. They offer good results with a low investment by requiring a single development process for iOS and Android.

  • Hybrid apps can be created in development environments such as Ionic, React Native or Flutter. All of these environments allow you to develop mobile apps that work correctly on iOS and Android.
  • Some of the programming languages used for hybrid apps are: HTML5, CSS or JavaScript.

Mobile Marketing

Get more downloads and users for your App


We offer mobile marketing services to organically position apps in the app stores (Google Play and AppStore) as well as to promote them in the main social networks. We know very well that the life cycle in the creation of mobile applications does not end once they are published, but it is necessary a consistent promotion and positioning strategy.

With our ASO and Mobile App Marketing Agency ASOmate, we provide a comprehensive service to make your mobile application a success.

If you’d like to find out more about our mobile marketing services contact us with no obligation or download our ebook about the organic positioning of applications (ASO – App Store Optimization). 

Specialised Sectors

In our more than 10 years of experience, we have developed mobile applications for all sectors, and especially for:

Apps for Education

At Doonamis, we develop applications for the Education sector, using different tools, such as video calls for online classes, charts to keep track of learning and, when possible, applying gamification.

Apps for eHealth

The healthcare companies learned some time ago the importance of getting closer to their users and patients through mobile apps. With them, telemedicine and telediagnosis is becoming more and more a reality. We apply the Internet of Things (iOT) associated with medicine and the benefits of videoconferencing to offer medical apps that solve and help in specific health situations and remote diagnosis.

Apps for Energy

The design and programming of applications in the energy sector is essential to streamline processes and understand the activity of companies. Applying technological advances such as real-time data representation, dashboards, machine learning, blockchain, among others, has become a priority. Discover our success stories.

Apps for Business

The improvement and optimisation of tasks and processes is essential to the companies’ growth and efficiency. For this sector, we apply the latest available technologies, such as geolocation, image character recognition (OCR), off-line operations, Push notifications… to create the mobile app your company needs.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about Apps development

The development of an app is the process by which a mobile application is created with the most appropriate technology and programming language. The app development process involves different stages of validation by the client.

To estimate the cost of an app it is necessary to evaluate different factors of the project, such as: the desired degree of design, if you are looking for an app for iOS and Android operating systems or only one of them, if it is an e-commerce app, if it is a paid app or will support advertising within the application, among other determining variables. To get a rough estimate, you can use our calculator.

The creation of an app involves a specialized team of professionals in graphic design, user experience, development, quality testing, who working together with the client to create an app that will meet their needs and objectives. 

Developing an app involves an orderly work process that allows us to translate an idea into several design proposals, choose the best one, develop a prototype to do a usability test, program the app and finally, publish it in the app marketplaces. Along our more than 10 years of experience, we have professionalized our work process, using agile and SCRUM methodologies. Explore how we develop our apps.

Mainly, there are 3 types of Apps::

  1. Native Apps: native apps are of high quality and are developed in the official programming language of the main operating systems, iOS and Android respectively.
  2. Hybrid or Multiplatform Apps: these are apps do not involve a particular development for each operating system, but the same development will be suitable for both, achieving similar results but with a lesser user experience.
  3. Web Applications or Web Apps: are a version of a web page that can be viewed from a mobile device, not requiring a download from the app store.

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