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Proceso de desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles Android y  iPhone Doonamis

Our experience in mobile app development has allowed us to keep on defining a very clear and operational working process. Following it step by step we can assure a top level product quality and have a successful base for its commercialisation,

  • The process begins with the idea presentation by our client in a requirements analysis meeting.
  • In this same meeting or on a subsequent one, a brainstorming session will be had, which will set the base to clearly define the final application.
  • As the product of these previous steps, a functional document will be obtained, which will describe the full workflow of the application and the system. Each requirement will be enumerated one by one, which will allow us to keep track of the development process, change management and testing. The client must approve this document because it will be the basis for the whole project.
  • From the functional document, we develop a visual prototype of the application. We are then able to evaluate the navigation and general appearance of it. In order to do this, we recommend a usability test.
  • The usability test consists in distributing the application prototype  to trusty users for them to evaluate their operability and experience. Depending on the obtained results, improvements and modifications will be applied to the prototype. Doonamis offers the possibility of finding your best choice of test users with the desired profile (young people, middle aged, senior, etc.).
  • Once the application prototype is approved, development and programming of the solution is started.
  • After this, unit and integration testing is performed to validate the product works as expected. Stress tests are included to ensure the desired throughput is achieved when made available for all users.
  • Once the solution is complete, publishing of the applications in the different application markets gets started (Apple Store / Google Play). We can publish the application on behalf of Doonamis or on behalf of the client. Should the second option be chosen, we offer the service of handling the publishing rights and permissions of the client as developer in the chosen application markets.
  • After the application is published, the process of customer acquisition begins. Doonamis offers marketing services like press releases, advertising space, or social network viral marketing.
  • Finally, feedback must be retrieved from the users in order to consider what can be improved. For this, user email is retrieved, as well as their comments in the application markets. Additionally, at Doonamis we integrate control tools (Google Analytics Mobile, Flurry, MixPanel…), which allow us to analyze the user behavior inside the application to decide which features make sense and which do not.

The development process is cyclical, because once we have the customer feedback and retrieve those necessary improvements, the functional analysis should be reviewed and the process reopened.

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