We certify the quality and security of our applications with BDigital

BDigital Barcelona Digital Doonamis partners in mobile application certification for security and data protection

Appytest Service

Consultancy and externalization of application testing. Quality and security certification.

Application testing consultancy

Before launching new applications or testing plans, the analyst and/or test manager participates actively in the definition of the testing plan. The Appytest service is part of the development QA policy.

Application testing externalization

Testing is executed according to the designed testing plan. Externalization adds objectivity and independence.


Security and sensitive data management certification inside the mobile application and on data transmission.

We integrate the most innovative technology from the Computer Vision Center at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (CVC)

Centre de Visió per Computador UAB colaboradores Doonamis visión por computador

Computer Vision R&D

More than 130 qualified researchers from different countries working on the improvement of Computer Vision techniques.

Custom technology

Thanks to the center's innovation, we can create solutions for specific challenges where Computer Vision is essential.

Edge innovation

Systems analysis of medical images
Intelligent object detection in images
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Image interpretation (based on context)
Colour and texture detection
Vision integration on mobile elements (cars, drones)
Image search by concept
Understanding of human behaviour in pictures
Interactive 3D and augmented reality

We do business with SMEs to improve their management through custom mobile applications

PIMEC Pequeña y mediana empreasa de Catalunya, colaborador Doonamis

Small and medium enterprises of Catalonia

PIMEC is the employer's association representing the micro, small and medium enterprises of Catalonia.

Enterprise adapted mobile applications

Thanks to its extensive representation of unions and business associations, we know the complexity of business and design mobile applications that best suit your needs.

Are you a PIMEC member?

If you are a member of PIMEC, we will have a session definition of your mobile application at no cost. Contact us!

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