Ampere Energy

Project description

AMPi is the mobile application developed by Doonamis for Ampere Energy that provide users with complete and convenient control over all the functions available in the new Ampere Sphere, from programming the time to controlling all the devices connected to it, the energy that they consume, costs or knowing if they are currently using the power that comes directly from the power grid or the power that has been stored by Ampere Sphere during the hours when the cost of energy is cheaper.

In addition, if they wish, they can also set alarms that to alert them when they reach the maximum consumption they have set and also issue a warning when the battery runs low.

AMPi has three main modes of operation:

  • Flow diagram mode of the energy of the house in real time.
  • Time machine mode, which displays the history on consumption, power generation, price …
  • Configuration mode, where consumption alarms can be activate and modify the user profile. You can also add new devices.


  • Intelligent management of electrical energy
  • Programming appliances to switch on and off.
  • Programming battery status alarms.
  • Control of energy expenditure and energy prices in real time

iPhone and Android app

Doonamis has developed two applications for the iPhone and Android systems. In both cases the application is native, since it is the fastest and most efficient way to work with highly complex functions.

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