Audax Energía

Project description

Audax is an app that helps the marketer Audax Energía to present the best offers to its customers by means of a quick visualization of their expenses and their possible savings by contracting tariffs more adequated to their energy consumption.


App for Android Tablets

Doonamis has developed the application for the Android system, since the terminals deployed by Audax to its commercial strength are Android Tablets. The application is native to be able to present information in graphical format and have a local database in order to work without data connection.



Audax Audax incorporates, on the one hand, a system of voice recognition to be able to introduce the codes necessary to carry out the management, and on the other hand, also facilitates the commercial to be able to incorporate data of the client such as the DNI or other documents with just to realize a photography. In this way, the process is streamlined by sending telematically all the necessary elements to complete the process.

It also incorporates Signaturit, a system that streamlines hiring processes with an intuitive and effective electronic signature solution.

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