Eurecat – 6MWT+


Sensores Bluetooth

Project description

6MWT+ is the project to improve the monitoring of how chronic neuromuscular diseases develop, through the integration in a mobile application for the biomechanical sensors used in the 6-minute gait test.

This test measures the number of meters a patient is able to walk in 6 minutes and is currently one of the standard functional tests used to monitor neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory pathologies or the loss of physical functions associated with aging, among others.

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  • Connection of 6 motion sensors using Bluetooth technology.
  • Control of the start and end of the test with immediate results.
  • Analysis of the patient’s loss of movement.

Mobile application for Android

Doonamis has developed the mobile application that integrates the reception of data in real time from Bluetooth sensors. The application is native and is available for the Android platform.

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