Push Notifications, Geolocation


Project description

Ketsapp is a mobile application developed by Doonamis that allows users to find and hire the best activities near their vacation spot.

Ketsapp is designed for travelers who don’t want to waste time and want to organize their perfect vacation.

In Ketsapp the user will find: excursions, sports activities such as jet skis, snorkel or paintball, cycling, segway, quad or walking, tickets for museums, water parks or the best parties, tickets for transport to visit the surroundings, routes with premises to discover the most authentic of each place, activities for children, spa, swimming pools and relaxation, car rental: bikes, motorcycles, cars and boats, restaurants to know the local cuisine … and much more.

Searching among the multiple options, the user will find products at their regular price, with discount and last minute offers with exclusive and unbeatable conditions for Ketsapp users.



Electronic ticket: the user has his electronic ticket with QR code to carry out his activity.
Free WiFi Hotspots: if you have no data connection, roaming or WiFi, the app has an integrated search engine for free WiFi access points.
Reception of push notifications to know the best promotions wherever the user is.


iPhone and Android application

Doonamis has developed two applications for the iPhone and Android systems. One application for users and another for activity providers to scan and validate the customer’s electronic ticket. In both cases the application is native.

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