Offline video playback


Project description

MyLocker is the application of the English academy for children from 1 to 18 years of age Kids&Us. that allows its young students to access the multimedia contents of its course: music, video and interactive games.

MyLocker has been developed by Doonamis and has more than 80,000 potential users.


  • Play videos and audios linked to the student’s course.
  • Enjoy games adapted to the student’s age with different dynamics that help reinforce the contents of the course.
  • Possibility of downloading videos and audio files for off-line use.
  • Contents managed by the student’s school and released according to the progress of the course.

iPhone and Android App

Doonamis developed two applications, one for iPhone and one for Android. In both cases, the application is native to provide the best user experience for playback of multimedia content and interactive games.

BackOffice Platform

Doonamis developed the BackOffice platform needed to support the platform managers.

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