Aplicación móvil para recuperar tickets de compra y consumición



Geolocation, Push Notifications, In-app purchases

Project description

Q -Tax is presented with the aim of enabling micro, small and medium enterprises to convert cash tickets and daily expenses to bills. This ensures deduction of VAT and income or corporation tax.

The users only need to look for their preferred store, enter the details of their ticket, and request the invoice generation. The store validates the ticket with a single click, automatically generating the associated invoice. Users may deduct their expenses, and the store will have a financial compensation for the generation of the bill, also gaining visibility by appearing in the Q-Tax search box.

Android Application

Doonamis has developed the application for the Android platform. The application is native, first to offer a better user experience, but especially to take advantage of leading device capabilities, such as geolocation or push notifications.

A version of the application has been developed for users, and another version for stores.

Landing Page


To promote the application, request feedback from users and stores, and for the generation of a brand, Doonamis has developed a landing page using the latest technologies in development and layout of web pages, such as Bootstrap for HTML formatting and WordPress to manage content.

Management Backoffice


The platform has a multi-profile management backoffice, where Q-Tax administrators can follow the evolution and usage of the system, and where stores can manage their promotional space, contact details, invoices or products offered.

Integration with Point of Sale platform (POS)


The project has required an integration with a payment platform (POS) from the app itself, which allows the users to register their bank details, and that these, in complete safety, be used in subsequent transactions.

Project video

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