Salerm Cosmetics


Project description

Hair Studio Center is the application that allows you to make an appointment in beauty salons in an easy, comfortable and simple way. It allows to make a reservation with our favorite stylist, visualize data of the beauty salon, as well as to consult and to reserve a wide catalogue of products and aesthetic services.

Hair Studio Center has been developed by Doonamis for the client Salerm Cosmetics.



  • Consultation of salon data (photos, address, telephone, stylists, etc.)
  • Check availability of our preferred stylist
  • Possibility of guiding the user from his position to the living room
  • Catalogue of beauty products (dyes, shampoos, creams, etc.)
  • Consultation and reservation of beauty products
  • Catalogue of beauty services (cutting, washing, etc.)
  • Consultation and reservation of beauty services
  • Advance notice when the reservation time is approaching
  • Possibility to evaluate the service by the client
  • Section for consulting notifications received
  • Ability to manage and redeem discount coupons/gifts
  • Ease of contact with our favourite stylist


iPhone and Android app

Doonamis has developed two applications, one for iPhone and one for Android. In both cases the application is native to offer the best user experience.


BackOffice Platform

Doonamis has developed the BackOffice platform to support the managers of the platform, so that they can update the catalogue of products and services offered, and send internal notifications, or even to customers.

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