Proyecto ShareMyLane aplicación móvil Android y iPhone

Share My Lane


Geolocation, Push Notifications, Gamification

Project description

ShareMyLane is a new application that allows users to post their journeys to share their car with other users to reduce pollution and show their caring about the planet. It includes gamification processes such as the user protecting a forest giving it saved CO2 or wining badges according to user activity.

iPhone and Android Application

Doonamis has developed two applications for iPhone and Android systems. In both cases the application is native , since the user experience is key. In addition native features like GPS location, push notifications for the management of the route states and a local database for offline usage are implemented.


To promote both the implementation and uptake of users, Doonamis has developed a modern and attractive landing page, in which the key features of the project are explained, and that provides direct access to the application markets (Apple Store and Google Play).

Management backoffice 

The system has a management Backoffice available from which project managers can manage users and visualize the platform activity.

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