Push Notifications, QR Codes


Project description

KRONOS is the application that helps control the condition of food and dishes stored in any KRONOS airtight container available from TATAY. Thanks to a unique QR code for each container, the app lets you know, without having to open it, the food or dish stored inside, as well as the shelf life and expiration date.

KRONOS was developed by Doonamis.


Main Features

  • Possibility of registering a food or dish in any KRONOS airtight container using QR codes.
  • Consultation, by reading the QR code, of food information (type of food, best before date, expiry date, ingredients) stored in any KRONOS airtight container.
  • Consult the list of dishes or food stored in KRONOS containers.
  • Consult the TATAY KRONOS airtight container catalogue and their features.
  • Advance notice when a food’s best before date is approaching.
  • Advance notice when a food is approaching its expiration date.


iPhone and Android App

Doonamis developed two applications, one for iPhone and the other for Android. In both cases the application is native to offer the best user experience both for the process of managing the stored dishes and the reading of QR codes.


Back Office Platform

Doonamis developed the necessary BackOffice platform for the correct configuration and parameterization of the solution.

Project video

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