Geolocation, Microsoft Azure, Push Notifications, Local Database

Project description

Wayo is an application that allows users to instantly locate their family, friends, workers, vehicles, objects and animals in real time.

Wayo has been developed by Doonamis and has more than 3,000,000 installations in Google Play and the App Store.



  • See the exact location of your family, friends, workers, vehicles, objects or animals with a single tap on the mobile screen.
  • Create private groups of people (always with prior invitation and authorization) to share locations, send messages, update positions, and even send an alert when there is imminent danger.
  • Choose to be visible or hidden for one or all of your friends and/or family. View a year’s history of all your Wayo contacts.
  • Send your position and track your position during the period you choose for those who do not have Wayo installed.
  • Track a lost or stolen phone even if they changed the SIM card.
  • View the speed of movement of all the linked Wayos.
  • View the battery charge of all the connected Wayos.


IPhone and Android app

Doonamis developed two applications, one for iPhone and one for Android. In both cases the application is native because we consider having a good user experience is extremely important.


In the cloud with Microsoft Azure

In order to ensure its availability and scalability, the platform is deployed on Microsoft Azure. In this way we can offer an agile deployment with total security and high performance. It adapts to high processing loads through the replication of services. It is the best choice for powerful projects.

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