Project description

YoLeoGas is an app that allows users of Naturgy to deliver his gas reading by means of a photo.

In order to facilitate the user, automate the process and ensure the reliability of readings, have implemented various subsystems that help making capture, reading recognition and serial number of the meter. Among these modules we have:

  • Real Time Video Quality Analysis Module allows to inform the user if the image that has framed corresponds to a counter and have a minimum of quality. This analyzes in real-time which image corresponds to a meter and has a minimum of contrast.
  • OCR Quality Analysis Module apply a character recognition algorithm to recognize reading and serial number of the meter. If it recognizes a minimum of digits in both, allows that the image is sent to the server. If not, it prompts the user to take a new photo.
  • OCR Recognition On Server Module: Once delivered the photo on the server, this scans with a more sophisticated algorithm which allows among other things correct the perspective of the photo, correct contrast and exposure as well as applying a more effective OCR recognition algorithm.


App iPhone and Android

Doonamis has developed two applications for iPhone and Android systems. In both cases the implementation is native, since the user experience is key.

The application allows the user to create a meter for every household that is linked with the unique supply number CUPS. From the creation of the housing, the user can send photos whenever the application requests it by sending a custom Push Notification when billing cycle has been fulfilled.

Users are informed of the reading processing status letting know when it has been taken for the  next billing.



The system has a back office management from which you can manage those readings that are not completely reliable. For those readings which don’t pass the 99% threshold, are shown in this portal for manual review by an operator.

The objective pursued by managing the Backoffice portal is that the number of readings rejected become nearly none.

All it integrated with Naturgy billing systems and also providing information about the photo taken as evidence of reading that has been billed.


In cloud with Microsoft Azure

In order to ensure the availability and scalability of the solution, the platform is deployed on Microsoft Azure platform. It offers a streamlined deployment with complete security and high performance. It fits high processing loads by replicating services. The best option for large-scale projects.

Microsoft Azure

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