Nowadays, companies are dynamic in a global market and may require specialized digital talent for a specific project or for the lack of knowledge of a technology.

At Doonamis we are especially sensitive to these needs, and for this reason, we offer dedicated teams (squads) to respond to a specific project or directly extend the company’s team through our multiple IT profiles with the following skills:

  • Graphic Design and User Experience – UX-UI
  • Web Development: Vue Nuxt, React, Angular, WordPress
  • App Development: Xcode Swift, Android Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Ionic
  • Backend Development: Core .NET, PHP, Java
  • Cloud Management: Microsoft Azure, Amazon WS, Google Cloud
  • Quality Assurance – QA

In addition, our team is in constant training and attentive to new technologies that can be incorporated into the projects we are involved.

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Create a team or extend it

We can create dedicated teams for a project (squad) or extend your team.

Dedicated Teams (Squads)

Creating a digital product is not easy and even less so if the company does not have a multidisciplinary team available that can cover all the needs to carry it out.

In these cases, in Doonamis we offer the service of creating Squads formed by all the necessary profiles (UX-UI, development, QA, etc.) that fit the needs and time required by the project.

The team works autonomously so that its management is minimal and allows to reach tangible results as soon as possible. The work methodology is agile, applying all the SCRUM bases.

Extend Teams

The activity of companies is dynamic and consequently, so is their workload and their needs.

At Doonamis we help companies to extend their IT team with our specialized profiles in the creation of digital products. With this, the company can react quickly to work overloads or new technological challenges for which we do not have enough specialized personnel.

Our profiles will join your IT team as one of the team members, increasing your production capacity immediately and sharing our technical know-how.

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